The challenge

Brunel University is located in the Uxbridge area of London, England. The Brunel MBA course attracts ambitious and innovative candidates from all over the world. It prepares them to lead positive change, globally.

Developing strong communication skills is a key element of leadership and the Brunel MBA allocates regular teaching and learning time to the development of these skills. 

The Brunel MBA cohort comprises of speakers with varying experience and ability when it comes to public speaking. Many of the students were presenting in their second language. A significant percentage of the group balance their studies with full time employment and so were required to join the training session remotely, rather than in person.

A presentation skills training solution was required that accounted for all of these characteristics, and ensured that all 60+ participants had the opportunity to learn and practise new public speaking skills.

The Tailored Solution

A unique session was developed that introduced new ideas quickly but still gave all participants the chance to practise the techniques in a live scenario and receive constructive feedback on their performance.

The session covered the foundation skills of crafting a presentation that addressed the needs and goals of the audience and speaker. It then moved on to cover more advanced techniques around the key elements of attention, understanding and recall. 

The session took full advantage of the university's technology set-up to deliver the content simultaneously to remote learners via Zoom. The remote learners were able to participate fully in all of the activities and questions and answer sessions that combined to form the training day. Like the in-person learners, the remote learners worked in online groups on key activities and were able to deliver their final presentations to their peers.

Break out rooms and groups allowed everyone in attendance to present and receive feedback on their presentation performance.

To ensure that the new techniques had been fully understood and were relevant to the students' careers, everyone was required to complete a reflective essay after the training.

Discover more Case Studies

Every single presentation skills training solution that we deliver is unique. It is tailored to match the exact needs of each client. Below are a selection of case studies outlining our innovative approaches to a range of public speaking challenges.



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