The challenge

TDSi is a rapidly growing business working in a technical sector. As providers of access control solutions to clients all over the country, the TDSi team wanted to develop the presentation skills of its sales team to help grow current client accounts and win new business too.

The TDSi sales team included a mix of youth and experience, but they all shared one thing in common: they wanted to develop their skills in an inspiring and engaging way. They wanted a high-energy and relevant training solution.

The Tailored Solution

Over the course of a year, we designed and delivered a curriculum of three tailored courses. The curriculum was crafted to ensure the development of a good base level of presentation skills within a team of mixed ability, PLUS advanced skills to overcome the sales challenges specific to this sector.

Everyone received video and written feedback after the course, plus an hour of online coaching. The course was such a success that we have now worked with several other organisations within the same sector.

group work on technical data

You immediately won over some experienced BDMs and earned our utmost respect. We all spoke afterwards and we felt that there was much to add and re-think about the way we do things. I would recommend your courses to anyone who has to stand before others in a work situation."

Gary Aimson, Strategic Business Development Manager

Explore our Case Studies

Every single presentation skills training solution that we deliver is unique. It is tailored to match the exact needs of each client. Below are a selection of case studies outlining our innovative approaches to a range of public speaking challenges.


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