Leadership is 90% successful communication

Executive public speaking coaching is the quickest and easiest way to develop the communication skills required to inspire, persuade, motivate and lead those around you.

All of our executive coaching sessions are delivered in-person by Rich Watts, an experienced Communications Director, public speaking geek and former winner of the UK Business Speaker of the Year competition. 


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Want to increase your confidence when speaking?

Rich will introduce you to a range of techniques used by leaders across the globe and throughout history to appear confident, clear and concise every time that they speak.


Need to improve your performance, quickly?

One-to-one coaching is the quickest way to enhance your performance when speaking in public.

You will work directly with Rich Watts, a former winner of the UK Business Speaker of the Year competition, to focus on the areas that will most quickly develop your speaking.


Have you got a specific challenge to overcome?

Everything that we do together will be tailored to your experience and upcoming challenges; teaching you skills to emphasise your existing strengths as a speaker and overcome your weaknesses too.

3 Top Reasons To Choose Our Executive Public Speaking Coaching

What is in included in executive speech coaching?

  • A first session focused on reviewing your current skills and abilities and to agree our goals going forward
  • A unique development plan tailored to your speaking ability AND to your specific speaking challenge
  • Regular coaching sessions in-person with Rich Watts (pictured!)
  • Ongoing written and video feedback and analysis between sessions, to ensure your consistent development between in-person sessions
  • Coaching sessions at a venue and time that suits you – in-person, online or over the phone
  • A coaching plan designed to fit the goals, time and budget that you have to work with.

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Discover more about your personal public speaking coach - Rich Watts

Rich Watts is a public speaking consultant and trainer, a past winner of the UK Business Speaker of the Year, a JCI UK Public Speaking Champion and most importantly, loves helping others to develop into outstanding public speakers.

This, his corporate communications background and a very high level of geekery when it comes to public speaking, mean that his ideal job is creating and delivering public speaking training. Fortunately for him, that's what he gets to do every day. Using examples and techniques from everyone including Aristotle to Churchill and Jamie Oliver, Rich crafts solutions to challenges faced by businesses, charities, start-ups and a select bunch of individuals too.


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