Differentiate your MBA with the addition of expert communication skills training

We deliver unique learning solutions, designed to fit seamlessly into your MBA programme. All delivered by the UK Business Speaker of the Year.

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An introduction to why and how we develop communication skills sessions for MBA programmes.

By Rich Watts, a past winner of the UK Business Speaker of the Year competition

3 top reasons to add communication skills to your MBA programme


Differentiate your MBA Course

The addition of specialist communications skills training to your MBA is a quick and easy way to differentiate your offer from other business schools.

Develop more effective graduates

Your graduates will have the ability to inspire, motivate and lead others, share their knowledge and become more successful in their future careers and industries.

Delivered by a subject expert

Importing the latest knowledge and training from a 2x national public speaking champion and trainer will increase the effectiveness of the learning experience.

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What is included in our presentation skill training offer?

A reduced fee for higher education organisations

In recognition of the power of universities to positively change our world, we offer a reduced fee for all training solutions. We are keen to work with as many of your students as possible, to develop their speaking skills.

An initial scoping meeting to understand your requirements

We will meet you either online or in person to fully understand the challenges that your students face and the learning outcomes that need to be achieved. We will listen, think, plan and deliver a tailored presentation skills solution that meets your requirements.

Course content tailored specifically to your university

All of our courses are tailored to the students and university that is involved within each session. The content and examples used will vary depending on the existing skill level and confidence of each participant. We will even contact all participants before the session to understand their ambitions and any particular areas that they would like us to focus on.

Workbooks and access to exclusive support content for all attendees

All attendees will be provided with a unique workbook during the session. We also support all teaching staff with access to a library of resources designed to help them assess and support students with their presentation skills during the teaching of other modules.

An online follow-up session after the training

All attendees will be entitled to a 30 minute follow up session after the training. This is their opportunity to report back on progress, ask questions and receive additional feedback and training now that they have had the chance to practice what they have learned!

No hidden costs

Our day rate includes the creation of all materials and content, travel costs and no VAT. You pay one flat fee per day of training.

Solutions that solve the most common challenges faced by MBA Directors

Our experience working with universities across the country has taught us that there is certainly no 'one size fits all' solution for communications skills training within an MBA course. Discover how we overcome the most common obstacles, by clicking each box below.

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Time Constraints

Language Barriers

Varied Abilities

Measuring Impact

Sessions that adapt to meet your time constraints


Just a few hours...

Content can be delivered in a range of formats, including, multiple 60 minute 'power sessions', a single 3 hour session focused on core skills or even via video tutorials.

A single day...

Pre-research with your students supports us to develop a single day course that focuses on the areas that will deliver the greatest benefits for your MBA cohort.

Multiple days...

A series of sessions focused on both foundation and advanced skills will ensure that your MBA delivers a communication skills experience above and beyond other courses.
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My development over the course of the day was incredible. I now present so much more concisely and clearly, which is helping me to achieve my goals. Thank you!

MBA Student, Brunel University London

Our Clients

We work with a wide range of organisations and individuals across the UK. Some we can talk about, some we can’t (and won’t!). Below are just a few of the fantastic organisations and people that we have worked with.


2023 Sessions are being booked quickly. Contact us today, to find out more.

Meet your MBA public speaking expert

Rich Watts is a public speaking consultant and trainer, a past winner of the UK Business Speaker of the Year, a JCI UK Public Speaking Champion and most importantly, loves helping others to develop into outstanding public speakers.


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