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Our presentation skills courses all include the following as standard:

"Thank you for all you did on the recent presentation course. You immediately won over some experienced team members and earned our utmost respect. We all spoke afterwards and we felt that there was much to add and re-think about the way we do things. I would recommend your courses to anyone who has to stand before others in a work situation."

Gary Aimson, TDSi

Discover more about your presentation skills course leader

Rich Watts is a presentation skills consultant and trainer, a past winner of the UK Business Speaker of the Year, a JCI UK Public Speaking Champion and most importantly, loves helping others to develop into outstanding public speakers.

What is included in our presentation skills courses?

An initial scoping meeting to understand your requirements

We will meet you either online or in person to fully understand the goals that you need to achieve through presentations and public speaking. We will listen, ask questions and share ideas to ensure that we can produce the ideal presentation skills training solution for your business.

Course content tailored specifically to your team

All of our courses are tailored to the individuals involved within each session. The content and examples used will vary depending on the existing skill level and confidence of each participant. We will even contact all participants before the session to understand their ambitions and any particular areas that they would like us to focus on.

Workbooks and access to exclusive support content for all attendees

All attendees will be provided with a unique workbook during the session. Afterwards they will have access to all recordings from the training, as well as a library of Rich Public Speaking resources to use as they practice their public speaking throughout the year.

An online follow-up session after the training

All attendees will be entitled to an hour-long follow up session after the training. This is their opportunity to report back on progress, ask questions and receive additional feedback and training now that they have had the chance to practice what they have learned!

A specialised training venue

Some organisations prefer that the training is delivered offsite in a centralised or specialist training venue. We have access to a network of suitable sites across the country and can provide a venue to suit your specific needs. Some organisations have even asked us to create multi-day team training sessions, with over night stays and evening entertainment!

What could your presentation training sessions cover?

Each session is completely unique and created to give you the skills to overcome your specific speaking challenges. However, if you are after an example course, please find a sample agenda from a recent 'Storytelling for Leaders' course that we created for a business in the sustainability sector.

Course Agenda

Getting started

  • Warm-up and the complete history of public speaking in four minutes

The power of stories

  • What stories do we tell and use in our own lives?
  • What are our stories?
  • When and why are stories a powerful tool?

Storytelling in practice

  • Exploring how stories are used to persuade, inspire and motivate
  • Discovering three key types of stories and when to use them
  • Experimenting with crafting stories using the three key types

Delivering outstanding stories

  • What makes a good storyteller?
  • How can we use our voice, body and delivery to embellish and deliver even more effective stories?

The 'learning by doing' bit

  • Create and deliver a short presentation
  • Evaluation and feedback from everyone - developing our skills by positively critiquing others

View our other presentation skills training courses for businesses

Every single presentation skills training course that we deliver is tailored to match the needs of your team and your business. Below you can access a library of sample courses that many of our clients use as a basis for creating their own Rich Public Speaking training solutions.


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Working with in-house L&D teams

Our courses and training provision are flexible enough to work with both smaller organisations as well as those with their own in-house Learning and Development teams and strategy. The courses above can be purchased as one-off solutions that solve address a specific training need, or can be combined to provide an annual presentation skills curriculum.


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