Coaching speakers to success

Rich Public Speaking provides one-to-one public speaking coaching in Bristol, designed to ensure that you deliver your next big presentation or speech, successfully.

All of our public speaking coaching in the Bristol area  is delivered directly by Rich Watts, a 2x national public speaking champion. Rich will work with you to understand your goals, the challenges that you face and to develop a unique coaching plan to develop the skills that you need to succeed as a speaker.

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Why choose 1-2-1 coaching to boost your speaking skills?

Discover more about your public speaking trainer

Rich Watts is a public speaking consultant and trainer, a past winner of the UK Business Speaker of the Year, a JCI UK Public Speaking Champion and most importantly, loves helping others to develop into outstanding public speakers. He uses lessons, tips and techniques from the greatest speakers in history to help you deliver your biggest presentations and speeches, successfully.

What is included in public speaking coaching?

There are four main steps that all of our speakers take during their coaching journey with Rich. The timescales for your journey may be short (argh, I have a speech to deliver in Bristol next week!), or longer (my big presentation or wedding speech is months away), but we tailor each course of coaching sessions to your needs.

Exploring the challenge and making a plan

Your first session with Rich is likely to focus on understanding your goals and forming a plan. You will discover and practice several new techniques for writing and delivering your speech, and will certainly have some homework; different things to practice before we meet again.

Creating, crafting and refining the structure and content of your speech

Next up, we focus on creating and structuring your speech or presentation. We will make sure that what you are saying meets your goals and the needs of the audience. Most importantly though, we’ll structure your speech and presentation to play to your strengths as a speaker - creating something that allows you to excel on stage.

Working on confident, clear and concise delivery

This is the bit that most people imagine when they think about public speaking coaching. Lots of learning by doing, and discovering new techniques from the greatest speakers in history, that you can use to ensure that your speech or presentation is a real success. We will film lots of this session so that you can view and refine your performance as we progress. It’s often a high energy session (don’t worry, there will be snacks!), but this is the point at which we ensure that you are primed and ready to perform perfectly when you deliver your speech.

Reviewing and refining our performance

It doesn’t end there. Reviewing and refining your public speaking performance is key to improving and becoming increasingly confident as a speaker. Rich will be on hand to speak with before the big event, and will even attend if he can and you would like him too. Afterwards we will have a session to review your performance, identify areas to develop for next time and set goals for your future public speaking self.

Where does my public speaking coaching take place?

We can deliver all of your public speaking coaching sessions at a venue in Bristol to suit you. This could be your home or place of work or we can source training spaces across the city and in the surrounding areas, if you wish.


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