We craft and deliver tailored communications skills solutions


All designed to match the needs of your people and to fit seamlessly into your L&D programme. Delivered by the UK Business Speaker of the Year.

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How we do it...

The Learning and Development needs of every organisation are unique. With each client we work through the four steps below to ensure that every solution we craft achieves outstanding results.

  • Listening

    Consultation on learning objectives, questionnaires with participants, phone interviews with key stakeholders.
  • Thinking

    Agreement of the best format(s) to achieve the learning objectives, and engage our different characters.
  • Planning

    Refinement and agreement of course content, using real examples and presentations from your organisation.
  • Doing

    Delivery of the training solution, at a time and place to best meet the needs of your team. All attendees receive an hour of additional coaching after each course.

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Who we work with...

We work with a wide range of organisations and individuals across the UK. Our solutions cover everything from graduate schemes to senior leadership training.

Who we do it for: Graduates, Growing Managers, Senior Leadership...


Graduate Schemes

Courses and curriculums can be designed to ensure that all graduates have a consistent foundation set of communication skills, that aid their growth and ensure that they are ready to develop more advanced skills in the years to come.


Exceptional managers and leaders are also clear, concise and confident communicators. We develop curriculums that support these individuals to develop the advanced communication skills required for effective leadership.

Senior Leadership

We develop advanced skills sessions focused on areas including persuasion, inspiration, media work, influence and more. All delivered at a level that will engage even the most experienced executive board.

Why organisations choose our tailored communications skills training...


Tailored sessions get results

Course content and delivery that is tailored to your organisation and learners' needs increases engagement and measured outcomes.

Delivery by a subject expert

Ensures that all course content is up-to-date, innovative and unique. An inspiring subject matter expert can also increase learner achievement.

Flexibility to fit your learning calendar

All of our training can be tailored to fit your calendar. From regular bite-size sessions to multi-day learning retreats and more.

Meet your public speaking expert...

Rich Watts is a public speaking consultant and trainer, a past winner of the UK Business Speaker of the Year, a JCI UK Public Speaking Champion and most importantly, loves helping others to develop into outstanding public speakers.

An Example: What might a 3 day communications skills curriculum cover?


Part 1 - Communicate

Discover and practice the techniques used by the greatest speakers in history to communicate confidently and concisely.


Part 2 - Inspire

Craft and deliver stories that motivate, teach and help to lead others towards a shared goal and vision.


Part 3 - Persuade

Learn how to develop pitches, presentations and proposals that overcome objections and bring teams and individuals together.


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