We love working with people that are passionate about their goals.

Rich Public Speaking is led by Rich Watts, a two time national public speaking champion and all round presentation skills geek.

We recognise that businesses often succeed or fail based on their ability to successfully pitch to clients, present internally and speak to the public. With this thought at the forefront of everything that we do, we create unique public speaking and presentation skills training for both large organisations and passionate individuals. We take the time to understand the challenge at the heart of your business or organisation, before creating a unique training solution that ensure that your ideas, your stories and you come to life when speaking. 


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Who is Rich Watts?

Ok, we're very much switching to speaking in the first person here...

Hi. I'm Rich Watts. I am a public speaking consultant and trainer, a past winner of the UK Business Speaker of the Year, a JCI UK Public Speaking Champion and most importantly, I love helping others to develop into outstanding public speakers.

This, my corporate communications background and a very high level of geekery when it comes to public speaking, mean that my ideal job is creating and delivering public speaking training. Fortunately for me, that's what I get to do every day. Using examples and techniques from everyone including Aristotle to Churchill and Jamie Oliver, I craft solutions to challenges faced by businesses, charities, start-ups and a select bunch of individuals too.

It's not all about me. I promise. For really specific challenges (for example, presenting in a second language or top-level crisis communications), I bring in other experts from my network. It's all about ensuring that you have the best solution for your needs.

Finally, just in case you were beginning to think that I sound less like a human and more like a public speaking robot sent from the future, I do (occasionally) spend time on other hobbies. If we are ever stuck in a lift together, expect chat around the 60s TV show, Thunderbirds, triathlon and motor racing. 

I hope that if you have read this far we get the opportunity to meet soon. I would love for Rich Public Speaking to help you and your business achieve success through communication. It's what we were created to do.


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It has been the most useful course that I have attended. So many of the areas I will be able to implement - thanks so much Rich!

Niamh Noone, Senior Marketing Manager (Content & Campaigns), Soil Association Certification