A well-written speech or presentation can be the difference between positioning yourself as a thought-leader and expert communicator or quickly sending your audience to sleep.

We support individuals and organisations with a speechwriting service that helps them to clearly and concisely achieve their goals. Whether they want to inspire, persuade, motivate, inform or simply just entertain, we craft speeches that deliver.

Previous projects have ranged from wedding speeches to company-wide presentations at AGMs, right through to entire scripts for national award ceremonies.

All of our speeches are written and approved by Rich Watts, a former UK Business Speaker of the Year and double national public speaking champion.

Our speechwriting services include the following as standard

  • An initial meeting to understand your speech objectives and requirements, as well as you as a speaker
  • The creation of a full speech along with notes on delivery
  • Up to two iterations of your speech to refine it perfectly to your objectives and speaking style (further iterations may incur extra cost)
  • A video or audio track of your speech being delivered to aid your rehearsal and delivery
  • A full debrief to understand what worked well with your speech and what could be enhanced if you delivered this speech again.

To get started just drop us a message.

"Thanks to you my speech was voted the speech of the day at the conference, and it certainly grabbed the attention of my audience."

Shukri Walker, SomCom

Want to know more?

Read on for answers to frequently asked questions about our speechwriting services!

Do you have a speechwriting portfolio?

Many of our clients prefer to remain anonymous, however, you can view an example speech here (with the client’s name and any identifiers changed !).

How much does a speechwriter cost?

The amount of time it can take to write a speech varies depending on your goals and objectives and the content of the speech. A more technical speech or presentation involves a higher level of research to ensure that your speechwriter produces a speech that is not only convincing and effective, but accurate too! The best thing to do is to contact us here to discuss your requirements and then we can provide an accurate quote for your specific project. After this it’s all about having a live project to work on. As soon as you have a speech or presentation to give, we’ll work together across a series of sessions, writing, rehearsing (there will be video cameras, sorry!) and making your delivery the very best that it can be. In a lot of cases we’ll even arrange a test event for you to come and deliver the speech to a live audience, on stage so that you can get used to speaking, live.

Further coaching

Many of the individuals and businesses that we write speeches and presentations for often ask if we know anyone who can provide training in delivering a speech or presentation. We can do this too! Your speechwriter is often the best person to run you through how to most effectively deliver your speech and avoid nerves, pitfalls and sending your audience to sleep.

Can our work together can be completely secret?

Absolutely. No one even has to know we exist! The reason that we cannot publish a client list here is because many of our clients do want their coaching kept a secret, which is fine, not a problem. All we can say is that previous clients include company Directors, NFP Board members and a smattering of really keen soon-to-be best men!

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