Writing speeches that succeed

In life, our biggest speeches and presentations have the ability to influence the success or failure of our career, business or a key event such as a funeral or wedding. We can instantly increase our chances of success with a well-written speech that communicates a clear message in a style that suits us as a speaker.

Rich Watts is a speechwriter in Bristol and offers a dedicated speechwriting service. All speeches produced by Rich Public Speaking are created and crafted for you by Rich, a 2x national public speaking champion and former Communications Director. When combined with coaching in delivery, this speechwriting service provide the perfect solution for successful speaking.

The speechwriting process

A great speechwriter should fully understand your objectives as well as your strengths and weaknesses as a speaker. Once they have this information, they can craft a speech that is clear, concise and effective and that you can deliver, perfectly.

With this in mind, Rich’s services as a speechwriter in Bristol are usually delivered in the following format:

Fact-finding and getting to know you

Our first session together will be focused on understanding the goals for your speech as well as your experience and strengths as a speaker. Rich will take a full brief of what is required within the speech and agree any additional information that is needed. After a lot of positive discussion, He’ll then disappear for a bit to work on the first draft of your speech.

Delivery of the first draft

Rich may have been in contact before this point to confirm any outstanding details or queries, but it is now that you will receive the first draft of your speech. Rich will run you through the way in which the speech is structured, and why, as well as give suggestions for delivery or any areas that could be expanded or reduced. It is a two way conversation and by the end of this session, you should have agreed some clear next steps for refining your speech.

Full notes on delivery and final tweaks

After you have agreed the final version of your speech, it will be delivered to you along with a full set of notes on how you should aim to deliver it as a speaker. Quite often Rich provides a video recording of him delivering your speech in the suggested style. This can help by giving you a model to work to when rehearsing the delivery yourself.

Delivery coaching

Because of the nature of Rich’s experience as both a speechwriter, trainer and public speaker, he is also able to offer a full training and coaching service for speakers. Many clients like to include some form of coaching in delivery alongside their request for speechwriting. Rich can work with you over several sessions to refine and develop your delivery technique, using lessons and tips from some of the greatest speakers in history. Please just ask if you would like to take advantage of this offer.

Review and future planning

Where possible, and if you would like him to, Rich often attends your ‘real’ speaking engagement. This provides the opportunity for some last minute advice, as well as for instant feedback on your (successful) performance. Following your speaking engagement, Rich will arrange a follow-up call with you to review your performance together and suggest future areas for development.

Discover more about your public speaking trainer

Rich Watts is a public speaking consultant and trainer, a past winner of the UK Business Speaker of the Year, a JCI UK Public Speaking Champion and most importantly, loves helping others to develop into outstanding public speakers.

Frequently asked questions about Speechwriting services

The cost of a speechwriting service varies depending on the length and complexity of the required speech. The hourly rate for Rich Public Speaking speechwriting services is £85ph, but this can be reduced for particularly long or involved speeches that will require longer chunks of time to be spent on them. The best way to confirm the fee for your speech to be written is to have a quick chat with Rich directly by contacting him using the form below.
The rule of thumb is up to three rounds of amends are included within the initial speechwriting quote. To date we have never had a client that has needed to exceed this, and if we did, it probably means that we have got the initial brief wrong. In this case we would always work with you to make it right.
The Rich Public Speaking speechwriting service doesn’t need to be delivered in person, but it does help! We can work online via video calls and do work with many clients internationally in this way.

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